Our Expertise


There are various ways to do business. While you as our client undertakes to carry on with your day to day running of your business. We take care of your legal needs arising from the commercial aspect of your business. This ranges from Incorporation of the Company, Legal Compliance, Mergers and Acquisition, Filing of Returns, Taxation to General Contracts. We undertake other areas of practice that are affiliate to Commercial law. They include: Business law Commercial law Partnerships Company Law, Labour and Employment law International Trade law We focus on not only understanding our clients business needs but assist them to prosper in their business by eliminating any legal glitches that they may encounter on a day to day running of their business. We further advice on structuring of transaction such as sale of shares, sale of businesses and sale of assets. Moreover, we advice on mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and draft joint ventures. We observe due diligence and carry out investigations on any matter referred to us and compile reports thereon to our corporate clients. We also advice on tax implications in relation to various commercial transactions as requested by our clients. The partners and the associates of the firm also draft contracts and other documents such as Agreements for sale Leases, Shareholder Agreements and any other commercial contracts that the clients needs for the prosperity of his business


Malawi today is experiencing a construction boom due to the changing economic times. The projects are of an unprecedented scale. Our lawyers are well vast with the Property and Conveyancing Law. They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in aspects of property law they can therefore face the challenges of such major projects. We advice on property acquisition and development and further prepare the requisite instruments to necessitate the acquisition. We also prepare the necessary documentation for transfer of immovable properties and register Mortgages and Charges in favor of our clients. In addition, we provide advice on real estate matters and we litigate in respect of all property-related matters including expropriation matters. In summary the areas of practice under this head include: Real Estate acquisitions and sale of property, Construction contracts, project management, consultancy, agreements Mortgages/charges Land regulations governing acquisitions and sale of property Land registries and allotments


Our Attorneys at Law provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law. Litigation is an unpleasant experience and our lawyers constantly evaluate each case on its own merit. During evaluation, we look at realistic outcome prior and throughout the litigation process so as to ensure the best outcome for our client. Our lawyers are equipped with vast knowledge, experience and training to effectively attend to our client’s best interests. They are equipped with excellent investigative skills and are extremely resourceful in locating requisite evidence to solve claims.


Issues of violation of the constitution are intricate. Cases dealing with constitutional issues are of importance due to the impact they have on people. There is finality to constitutional cases because such cases interpret constitutional provisions with finality and can only be changed by amending the Constitution, hence reference to the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land. Our clients have relied on the firm to give legal and constitutional advice and representation. We therefore represent clients who may have a constitutional claim or need to defend against a constitutional challenge or were they may need to have the constitution amended and where a client is convinced that a statue is unconstitutional. Generally, our Attorney’s at Law give effective advice on interpretation and application of Constitutional and Administrative law.


The firm advises its clients on the legal aspects of employment and labour law to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. We further represent our client’s matters of breach of the employment law. Our services in this category include representation in the labour court, advice on termination of employment and on retrenchment and rationalizations, drafting of Employment Contracts with respect unions on behalf of our clients. Our group of lawyers, also advice on labour implications of mergers and acquisitions on the employees. advises clients on employment, industrial, labour and other service law issues. This includes advice on terms of appointment and conditions of service, transfer, layoff, retrenchment, discharge or dismissal of employees and structuring of voluntary retirement schemes, employee stock options etc.


We offer legal services in the insurance industry. In particular, we advice on the insurance legislation and litigation on policy liability or repudiated claims. We advice on the regulatory aspects and compliance with the applicable legislation. Our Attorney’s assist in assessment of liability on policy and analyze product liability claims with a view to resolving such claims.


On matters of family, family being the heart of our society, our group of advocates are equipped with vast knowledge in Family law matters. We represent clients undergoing divorce proceedings and judicial separation, custody of children and their support and adoption and general matters touching on Family Law.


We understand the Legal intricacies of Malawi Tax regime. Our firm is well versed in the tax field of Transfer Pricing, Income Tax, Tax Procedures, Filing of cases to the Tax Tribunal, Custom and Excise Laws, Capital gains and Corporate Tax. Our firm Represent the interests and defend the rights of taxpayers faced with tax audit. we represent and defend taxpayers who are criminally pursued on tax related charges, stock options and related matters in the Revenue Tribunal and in the High Court.


The firm’s attorneys’ have specialized knowledge and experience in banking and finance law to enable them efficiently assist financial institutions in their day to day operations. We advise clients on regulatory matters, lending and prepare the essential documentation. We also advise and assist borrowers, buyers and financial institutions in transactions, including, asset acquisition and leveraged financing, securitization, project financing, restructuring and recapitalization, banking transaction documentation including bank guarantees, letters of credit and other trade finance documentation.